Partner Resources

Download our lab flyer to share with parents here

The team from the Developmental Lab at the UEA have asked if we could pass on the following information to you. They are a research laboratory, based in the Psychology department at the UEA, interested in early child development. The lab is continuously carrying out research studies looking at how children think, remember and pay attention to things. They use fun tasks with toys or children look at changing pictures on a screen while they observe and track eye movement etc. Studies vary, it could be just a one hour visit at the UEA or some studies follow children’s development over a number of years. They understand how busy family life can be and really appreciate any time you can commit to help them. After extensive preparation and detailed risk assessments the labs are running studies with social distancing as well as online. They have free parking at the UEA or can reimburse public transport travel costs. To thank you for your time your child will receive a toy and a ‘child Scientist’ T-shirt and on some studies they pay you a small thank you for your time. This research aims to aid diagnosis and intervention tools for children in the future. You can register to find out more information here: